NASA in high-schools:

Masterclass Fermi @ UNG, Slovenia

Masterclasses (typically given by big experiments such as LHC) are International events which provide an opportunity for high-school students to experience first-hand data analysis. UNG will organize such event, using the data a NASA satellite Fermi LAT on April 5th, in coordination with four Italian and one Austrian Institutions.

Dates:  05 April 2018 (10:00-17:30)
Timezone:  Europe/Rome
Location:  Centar za Astrofiziko in Kozmologijo
 Univerza v Novi Gorici

 Vipavska 11c
 5270 Ajdovščina
Masterclass events:  Ajdovščina -Bari - Innsbruck - Perugia - Torino - Trieste
Poster:  PDF

Basic Info

Fermi LAT is a gamma-ray satellite, launched by NASA in 2008. 

During the Masterclass, students will learn the basic concepts in gamma-ray astronomy and will get a chance to analyze Fermi  LAT data first hand. The goal of the exercise will be to localize the flaring of a powerful gamma-ray source, a faraway gamma-ray burst. Recently such emission is measured and it was shown that it originated in a merger of two neutron stars, an even also measured by LIGO and VIRGO in gravitational waves.

The results will then be compared with those from from other astrophysics centers in Italy. In addition, Prof. David Thompson from NASA, Goddard Center will join the meeting in an online call, he will tell us more about this satellite and will take questions from students.

At the end of the event, students will receive a certificate of participation.

To learn more on Fermi LAT:


The event is intended for interested high-school students. It is held during a school day, so the agreement from physics teachers will be needed.

To register, please send an email stating your class, high school, your physics teacher's name and his/hers email contact to:
Registration deadline: March 27

Registered students

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