Wednesday, 18.9.2013
17:00 Registration (lobby of Hotel Kompas)  
18:00 Welcome party (Hotel Kompas)
Thursday, 19.9.2013
      Hotel Kompas - Auditorium (Jezerska Hall)
08:00 Registration      
08:45 Opening   Chairman: Matjaz Valant  
09:00 Plenary  PL-TH01 Hans Lundberg Our urban future; What we can do to make our cities environmentally sustainable.
09:45 Plenary  PL-TH02 Martin Chaplin The Science of Liquid Water
10:30 Coffee Break    
New Cooling Technologies         Chairman: Sebastian Fähler
11:00 Invited IN-TH01 Xavier Moya Electrocaloric and Barocaloric Effects in Multicaloric BaTiO3
11:30 Invited IN-TH02 Barbara Maliè Processing and Microstructure of Lead-Based and Lead-Free Complex Perovskites in Bulk, Thick and Thin Film Form for Electrocaloric Applications
12:00 Invited IN-TH03 Qiming Zhang  Polar-dielectrics with Giant Electrocaloric Effect and Their Related Cooling Devices
12:30 Invited IN-TH04 Tatiana Correia Measurement of Electromechanical Coupling Contribution to Electrocaloric Cooling
13:00 Lunch time      
Technologies for Energy Conversion           Chairman: Maurizio Fermeglia
15:00 Oral OR-TH01 Vanni Lughi Hybrid organic solar cells based on fullerene-capped quantum dots
15:20 Invited IN-TH05 Pietro Asinari Multi-scale modeling to boost fuel cell performance: From pore-scale simulations to better efficiency and durability
15:50 Invited IN-TH06 John Preston Detachable Epitaxial Films For Applications in Solar Energy
16:20 Invited  IN-TH07 Steve Dunn ZnO nanostructures – energy harvesting opportunities
16:50 Invited  IN-TH08 Paolo Fornasiero New directions in catalyst design for energy and environmental applications