Thursday, 19.9.2013
Hotel Kompas - Forum (Triglavska Hall)
Energy Storage and Distribution            Chairman: Kristina Edström
11:00 Invited  IN-TH09 Marijana Kraljić Roković Electrochemical Characterization of Metal Oxides for Supercapacitor Application
11:30 Oral  OR-TH02 Alenka Ristić Composite water sorbents for low temperature thermo-chemical energy storage
11:50 Oral  OR-TH04 John Alexander Anatase TiO2 thin films for photoelectrochemical energy and solid-state electronics applications: the effect of substrate on film orientation
12:10 Oral  OR-TH05 Mahmoud Davoudi Techno–economic analysis of solar photovoltaic to supply outdoor lighting in Iran
12:30 Lunch time      
FEL and Synchrotron based techniques    Chairman: Maya Kiskinova
15:00 Invited  IN-TH10 Filippo Bencivenga XUV coherent spectroscopy
15:30 Invited  IN-TH11 Dieter Schmeißer Electrode interface engineering and analysis using in-situ ALD and SR based spectroscopies
16:00 Oral  OR-TH12 Cesare Grazioli The Low Density Matter (LDM) beamline for studies on energetics and dynamics of atoms, molecules, and clusters with the FERMI@Elettra free electron laser.
16:15 Oral  OR-TH06 Emanuele Pedersoli Morphology of aerosol particles and clusters through X-ray single-shot Coherent Diffraction Imaging
16:30 Oral  OR-TH07 Giuliana Aquilanti Structural study by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of metal hexacyanoferrate electrodes deposited on glassy carbon and ITO substrates
16:45 Oral  OR-TH08 Katarina Vogel-Mikuš Studies of trace element homeostasis in plants using different imaging techniques
17:00 Oral  OR-TH09 Iztok Arčon In-situ XANES and EXAFS analysis of Li-sulphur batteries