Friday, 20.9.2013
Hotel Kompas - Forum (Triglavska Hall)
Energy Storage and Distribution      Chairman: Marijana Kraljiĉ Rokoviĉ
09:00 Invited  IN-FR18 Kristina Edström Lithium-Based Batteries for a Better Environment?
09:30 Oral  OR-FR17 Nicola Zuliani Experimental Characterization of a 1 kWh Lithium Battery Storage System
09:50 Oral  OR-FR18 Arianna Moretti Influence of V doping on LiFePO4 structure and electrochemical performance
10:10 Oral  OR-FR19 Carmen M. López Nanoparticle-Nanocarbon Assemblies as Electrode Materials for Advanced Battery Applications
10:30 Oral  OR-FR20 Vanni Lughi Grid-parity for electricity from photovoltaics in the Alpe-Adria Region 
10:50 Coffee Break    
Surface Science in Environmental Research       Chairman: Andrea Goldoni
11:20 Invited IN-FR21 Ralph Gebauer Atomistic simulations of dye sensitized surfaces in presence of a liquid solvent
11:50 Invited IN-FR19 Erik Vesselli Steering and tailoring the chemistry of carbon oxides in heterogeneous catalytic synthesis reactions
12:20 Invited IN-FR20 Raffaele G. Agostino Hydrogen adsorption at high pressure in carbon nanostructures: equilibrium and kinetic properties 
13:00 Lunch      
Surface Science in Environmental Research       Chairman: Mattia Fanetti
15:00 Oral OR-FR21 Giorgio Rossi Nano Foundries and Fine Analysis: a sustainable fundamental nanoscience research and data infrastructure
15:20 Oral OR-FR23 Chandramathy S. Praveen Engineering the electronic properties of quasi-free standing Graphene by alkali adsorptions 
15:40 Oral OR-FR24 Saim Emin Electrodeposition of n- and p-type nanostructured semiconductor thin films for light harvesting applications
16:00 Invited IN-FR22 Kevin Sivula High efficiency solar water splitting with nanostructured oxide tandem cells 
17:00 Poster Session with Refreshment  
19:30 Conference Dinner (Hotel Lovec)