Friday, 20.9.2013  17:00-18:30
Hotel Kompas
    Chairman: Sandra Gardonio
Code Presenting author Title
PO01-NCT Matthew Bates Theoretical Study of the Electrocaloric Effect in Relaxor Ferroelectrics Using a 'Spin' Model
PO02-WPT Kenza Bensadok Application of Electro-Fenton Process for Cutting Oil Emulsion Degradation
PO03-WPT Mohamed Belkacem Nitrate Removal by Reverse Osmosis: Application to Groundwater Treatment
PO04-WPT Montserrat Ruiz Adsorption Model Based on QSAR for Predicting Removal of Boron on Calcium Alginate Gel Beads
PO05-WPT Mary Rotermel The Specifics of the Chemical Composition of Mine Water Copper-Sulphide Deposits in the South Urals
PO06-WPT Tatiana Krasnenko Recycling of the Spent Slurry of Chemical Water Treatment of Thermal Power Plants
PO07-WPT Akeem Adeyemi Oladipo Enhanced Adsorption: Two-Stage Batch Sorber Modeling and Optimized Design for Brilliant Green Dye Removal
PO08-WPT Marko Kete Search of alternative supports for TiO2 in photocatalytic degradationof organic pollutants
PO09-WPT Andraž Šuligoj Photocatalytic air cleaning with TiO2 nanoparticles in porous substrate
PO10-WPT Wojciech Stawinski Modified Vermiculite as highly effective sorbent for industrial textile wastewaters
PO11-WPT Fernando Fresno  Photocatalytic activity of BiVO4 and BiVO4/TiO2 composites for the degradation of toluene vapours under uv-vis light
PO12-MEC Irena Kozjek Škofic Low temperature deposition of Pt nano-particle
PO13-MEC Lev Matoh Deposition of electricaly conductive Pt layers
PO14-MEC Alberto Brambilla Electrochemical properties of Y2-x(Zn/Mg)xRu2O7 pyrochlores
PO15-MEC Matejka Podlogar Transparent polycrystalline ZnO films on glass prepared by low-temperature hydrothermal growth
PO17-EI Livia Corici Enzymatic synthesis of polyesters from bio-based building blocks
PO18-ESD Nikola Biliškov Structural and hydrogen sorption properties of SmNi5-xGax system – an experimental and theoretical study
PO19-ESD Emanuela Žunkovič Hydrogen binding energy in zirconium-based metal-organic framework
PO20-ESD Matjaž Mazaj Hydrogen storage on aluminium-based metal-organic frameworks
PO21-ESD Mahmoud Davoudi Economic evaluation of using solar energy in the Middle East
PO22-SYM Eleni Petala Synthesis and characterization of porous iron-dopped titanium dioxide: modification and application in water treatment
PO23-MEC Tina Mavrič A simple hydrothermal synthetic method for synthesis of Ag/ZnO nanocomposite photocatalyst
PO24-MEC Mihály Dombi Sustainability assessment of renewable energy based power and heat generation technologies
PO25-MEC Arianna Moretti Ionic liquid with an asymmetric anion: a new promising electrolyte for lithium ion batteries
PO26-MEC Mattia Fanetti Contactless spatially resolved monitoring of doping along single GaAs nanowires.
PO27-SYM Cesare Grazioli Ultrafast Spectroscopy at the CITIUS fs-VUV light source