About ConSOLE

ConSOLE or Conference of the Student organization of Linguistics of Europe (SOLE) is an annual traveling student conference. Open to registered students worldwide, it provides a forum for the coming generations of linguistics to present their research to an international audience.

The Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe was founded in 1992, by students of the Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics which has since been superseded by University of Leiden Centre for Linguistics.
(information from http://www.sole.leidenuniv.nl/)
Past conferences:
  • 2008 - ConSOLE XVI in Paris (we owe them for the design of the webpage)
  • 2007 - ConSOLE XV in Brussels
  • 2005 - ConSOLE XIV in Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • 2004 - ConSOLE XIII in Tromsoe
  • etc., see the list here