Console XVII will be held in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.
The conference will take place in the center of the town (not at the University).

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The University of Nova Gorica is a young university in Nova Gorica, a town in the west of Slovenia, on the border with Italy. The town of Nova Gorica (i.e. "New Gorica") was erected after the 2nd World War, when the post-war border-drawing determined that the town of Gorica (in Italian "Gorizia") goes to Italy. Since then, the town of Nova Gorica grew in size and it recently got a University. Gorica and Nova Gorica are famous for their mild climate and beautiful surrounding areas including one of the best Slovenian wine regions - Goriška Brda (a.k.a Collio) etc.

In case you have troubles finding Slovenia on the map, it is between Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary.

In case you have troubles finding Nova Gorica on the map, it is located right on the border with Italy (the western border).

Once you are in Nova Gorica, you shouldn't have troubles with navigation, since Nova Gorica is really small. Nevertheless, this is it. Note that where it says 'Gorizia' is already Italy (the violet line is the border).

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