University of Nova Gorica, Graduate school, Physics

Seminar (2009-2014)

Course principal: prof. dr. Samo Stanič

The aim of this course is to prepare the students to competently present a chosen field of research to general audience and to broaden the knowledge and understanding of a pallete of ongoing research activities in physics and natural sciences. Seminar is mandatory for the advance into the second year and is evaluated with 6 ECTS.

The attendance to the seminars is mandatory for freshman year students and strongly encouraged for their thesis advisors and senior students. Students are required to submit the abstract at least two weeks and the draft of the slides at least one week before the seminar. Invited lecturers are listed in bold.

Academic year 2013/2014
  • S. Dunn (Queen Mary U. of London), ZnO nanostructures, synthesis and applications, 29.11.2013 (abstract)
  • T. Kobal (University of Nova Gorica), Synthesis and characterization of manganese functionalized silica aerogels, 23.12.2013 (abstract, pdf)
  • N. Massarotti (U. degli Studi di Napoli), Waste-to-Energy: Numerical Modeling of Thermo-Fluid-Dynamic Phenomena in the combustion chamber of full scale plants, 4.2.2014 (abstract)
  • M. Maughmer (Penn State University), The Evolution of Sailplane Wing Design, 13.3.2014 (abstract)
  • L. Martinelli (Princeton University), Simulation of High Reynolds Number Flow for Aerodynamic Design: Three decades in the rearview mirror and the road ahead, 13.3.2014
  • M. Mole (University of Nova Gorica), Bora wind in Slovenia, 24.3.2014 (abstract, paper, slides)
  • M. Rettenmayr (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Modeling Dendrite Growth – Alternatives to Phase Field Models, 27.3.2014 (abstract, slides)
  • M. Zacchigna (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste), Superconductivity: The Hottest Low Temperature Phase Transition in the History of Condensed Matter, 12.5.2014 (abstract)
  • B. Mavrič (University of Nova Gorica), Modeling of thermo-mechanical phenomena during DC casting of Aluminum alloys: a meshless approach, 9.6.2014 (abstract, paper)
  • J. Matthew (University of Nova Gorica), Electronic properties of magnetic thin film on metal surfaces, 13.6.2014 (abstract)
Academic year 2012/2013
  • S. Nafooshe (UNG), Recent Progress in Neutrino Physics, 26.11.2012 (abstract, pdf)
  • W. Eichinger (U. of Iowa), A Skeptic's View of Global Warming, 26.3.2013 (pdf)
  • L. Wang (Xi'an U. of Tech.), Passive remote sensing of the upper atmosphere, 27.3.2013 (pdf)
  • C. Giunti (INFN Torino), Phenomenology of Light Sterile Neutrinos, 19.4.2013 (abstract)
  • A. Saleh (UNG), Physics with Scaler Mode of the Pierre Auger Observatory, 29.5.2013 (abstract, pdf)
Academic year 2011/2012
  • M. Pimenta (LIP/IST), Particle Physics with High Energy Cosmic Rays, 1.2.2012 (abstract)
  • J. Wells (CERN), The Higgs Boson as a Bridge to Hidden Worlds, 9.3.2012 (abstract)
  • Đ. Stevanović (UNG), Study of small scale plasma irregularities in the ionosphere, 12.3.2012 (abstract, pdf)
  • G. Kukec Mezek (UNG)*, Short introduction to the accelerating universe, 19.3.2012 (abstract, pdf)
  • M. Simonič (UNG), Characterization of monoliths, 26.3.2012 (abstract, pdf)
  • M. Vučković (UNG), Characterization of ionospheric effects on GNSS systems, 2.4.2012 (abstract, pdf)
  • S. Nafooshe (UNG), Black Hole production in High Energy Collisions, 16.4.2012 (abstract, pdf)
  • N. Kubo (JICA), Solar photovoltaics in Malawi / Quantum dot solar cells, 20.4.2012 (abstract)
  • T. Kodelja, Thermo-mechanical modelling of continuous casting with artificial neural network, 23.4.2012 (abstract, pdf)
  • Raveendra Penumala (UNG), Characterization of electric charge carrier transport by time-of-flight technique, 21.5.2012 (abstract, pdf)
  • M. Kokole (UNG), Phase Shifters for Free Electron Lasers, 11.6.2012 (abstract, pdf)
* IInd level master student
Academic year 2010/2011
  • D. Siraj, Haar wavelets and their application to numerical solution of ordinary differential equations and numerical integration, 3.11.2010 (abstract, ppt)
  • T. Mlakar, Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy of Quantum Dots, 22.11.2010 (abstract, pdf)
  • L. Sinovčić, Sol-gel preparation and photocatalysis of titanium dioxide and its use for removal of residual pharmaceuticals from aqueous systems, 6.12.2010 (abstract, ppt)
  • J. Fesel Kamenik, ElectroWeak symmetry breaking without a Higgs boson at the LHC, 20.12.2010 (abstract, ppt)
  • J. Virc, Rheology of thixotropic coatings, 24.1.2011 (abstract, ppt)
  • K. Mramor, Fullerene modelling, 7.2.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • G. Senjanović, LHC and the origin of neutrino mass, 28.2.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • S. Širca, Exploring the nature of nucleons by electron scattering, 21.3.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • M. Zdovc, Implantable Neuromuscular Stimulator, 11.4.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • M.V. Garzelli, Modelling hadron-hadron Interactions: from Particle Physics at Colliders to Cosmic Ray Physics, 18.4.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • R. Srinvasa, Transient Photocurrent Measurements on Graphene Related Materials, 16.5.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • Q. Liu, Non-Singular Method of Fundamental Solutions and its Application to Two Dimensional Elasticity Problems, 23.5.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • G. Košak, Modelling of solidification with solid phase movement, 23.5.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • O. Bulgakova, Out-of-Equilibrium Statistical and Dynamical Properties of Long-range Interacting Systems, 30.5.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • E. Mocchiutti, PAMELA - Five Years of Cosmic Ray Observation from the Space, 8.6.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • M. Chikkara, Initial stages of growth og organic semiconductors on graphene, 13.6.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • J. Jančar, Monolithic Cromatographic Materials, 20.6.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • K. Hirose, XPS study on SiO2/Si interfaces of advanced MOSFETs, 11.7.2011 (abstract)
  • U. Kovšca, Alternative materials for organic solar cells, 12.9.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • I. Mikulska, Dillute Magnetic Oxides, 19.9.2011 (abstract, pdf)
  • D. Klančar, The Role of Metallic Contacts in Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells, 26.9.2011 (abstract, pdf)
Academic year 2009/2010

  • D. Gobin, Modelling Transport Phenomena during Spreading and Solidification of Droplets in Plasma Projection, 5.11.2009 (ppt)
  • M. Dragomir, Metallic Nanoparticles, 14.12.2009 (pdf, abstract)
  • B. Mahieu, High-order Harmonic Generation in Gases, 22.12.2009 (ppt, abstract)
  • M. Andrejašič, Turbulence Modelling and its Applications, 11.1.2010 (pdf, abstract)
  • T. He, Atmospheric Studies Using Mobile Lidar Systems, 18.1.2010 (ppt, abstract)
  • B. Revenu, Elements of radio-emission and radio-detection of atmospheric showers, 18.2.2010 (pdf)
  • A. Sušnik, Effects of magnetic storms on GPS signals at high latitudes in the European sector, 16.3.2010 (pdf, abstract)
  • S. Kassab, Optimization of LVAD implantation to reduce stroke risk and progress in modelling of the Hybrid Norwood operation for Hypolastic Left Heart Syndrome, 10.5.2010 (pdf, abstract)
  • D. Pepper, Using Advanced Numerical Schemes in Multiple Engineering Applications, 17.5.2010 (pdf, abstract)
  • P. Skraba, Persistence-based Clustering, 26.5.2010 (pdf, abstract)
  • N. Grlj, Development of the confocal PIXE set-up for multielemental depth-resolved measurements and three-dimensional microscopy, 10.6.2010 (ppt)
Academic year 2008/2009

  • F. Gao, Measurement of aerosols in the troposphere, 12.3.2009 (pdf)
  • N. Grlj, mu-PIXE and X-ray optics - the combination for 3D imaging, 18.6.2009 (pdf)
  • C.S. Praveen, Semiconductors as Photocatalysts for Water Splitting, 23.6.2009 (pdf)
  • U. Hanoglu, Mathematical and Physical Modelling of the Flat Rolling Process, 24.9.2009 (pdf)